Glebe Farm helps with Gavin's Rescue

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Followers of the third series of Gordon Ramsay's "The F Word" will already know Gavin, Gordon Ramsayís ram lamb that survived the big cat attack.

Gavin had to be rescued from slaughter when Gordon insisted Gavin must be saved for service other than Claridges.

Gavin contracted mild pneumonia only a few days before he was destined for the chop and the treatment meant that he could not be slaughtered in time for the celebrity meal that had been arranged at Claridges.

After everything that had happened Gordon felt that Gavinís destiny must be something other than to feed his fifty guests and asked Kevin and Chris from Glebe Farm to look after him and potentially bred from him next year.

As Gavin is a ram lamb whose horns are already growing he needs to work otherwise he will get too boisterous and destructive. At Glebe Farm we have 200 Llanwenog ewes and would be happy for Gavin to cover some of lastís year ewes. In theory Gordon will have a unique breed combination, perhaps he will want to call it a Ramsay!!

Gavin will be able to look forward to living out his natural life, doing what rams do, as Gordon has insisted he should never be eaten.

2nd July 2007

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Glebe Farm helps with Gavin's Rescue

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