Gavin's Blog: Day 5

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Hasnít stopped raining for days and last night we had five inches in what seemed like minutes. What was the saying about flaming June?

I am on top of the hill but have my shed. We all huddled up together when the deluge came, but even part of our field had ducks swimming on it when daylight came.

As well as sheep and cattle, there are fields full of pigs. These are another rare breed, Berkshires. They are black with little white feet, white down their face and on the tip of their tail. Gordon had two in his garden last year, Trinny and Suzanna. Their sisters and mother live here.

Some of the pigís fields have flooded and despite an old wives tale that pigs canít swim, they were doing a very effective doggy (piggy?) paddle across to the gate so they could be moved to a dry field.

Daft dog went to help and came back covered from head to tow in mud. I then found out that not only do dogs shake but so do pigs at which point a whole new version of mud slinging commenced.

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Day 5

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