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That daft dog has been practising for dog agility tests. I discovered that the big brown and white sheep with leathery coats are actually cows. Well anyone can make a mistake, they didnít have cows where I came from and just because they moo not baa is no help if you have never seen or heard them before. Needless to say this amused my girls who I am finding quite patronising; still I guess thatís what you get with teenagers.

Anyway, daft dog was practising his rounding up but must have strayed a bit too close to Harriet. Harriet is a two week old calf. Her mom, Ethel, was having none of Loopy, so set off in hot pursuit. It took a few seconds for daft dog to realise he may have been chasing sheep but hot on his heels was a half a tonne of very irritated Hereford cow. Once the penny dropped Loopy turned immediately into cartoon dog tucking his hind quarters under him as far as possible as he tried to frantically get out of her way.

Running forward whilst looking behind has serious disadvantages especially when there are telegraph poles in the field. Once recovered from a fairly immediate and sudden collision with said pole, Loopy decided to make once serious bid for freedom over the five bar gate. Hence the agility trick. Very impressive, although for future reference Loopy, cows are herbivores, its big cats you have to out run!

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Day 4

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