Gavin's Blog: Day 25

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Anthrax scare over as we had the all clear this morning. That meant that arrangements could be made for the disposal of poor Mavis. Under normal circumstances that would have been a relatively straightforward matter, but these are not normal times and with F & M still at large, the knacker man ( technical term for the dead animal collection service) is not going to be allowed on the farm. This means Mavis has to go to him.

Describing this whole procedure is at best bizarre. Important facts that you need to understand are as follows:

• It is a Saturday
• The farm has a farm shop and Saturday is its busiest day
• There is only one drive in and out of the farm
• Mavis weighs over half a tonne and has been expanding in the heat

The only option to getting poor Mavis to the roadside was to haul her onto the front loader of the tractor take her to the end of the drive and hope she doesn’t explode on the way down. Timing was critical as the sight of a very dead gaseous cow swinging from side to side of the front of a tractor is probably not the best greeting for customers. The whole exercise had to be undertaken with the skill of the SAS. Get in quick; get out quick and hope nobody noticed. Fortunately no one did.

We were all of course very saddened at our sad loss but it turned out she had eaten so much she had had a heart attack. A solemn reminder that maybe I should let someone else have that last ewe nut.

Basil doesn’t seem upset at being orphaned as Prudence had taken him under her wing anyway; I guess milk is milk to a hungry bull calf!!

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