Gavin's Blog: Day 24

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Oh tragedy!! Mavis was found dead in the field this morning. Mavis is, sorry was, Basil’s mom. Now she was renowned for enjoying her food and had no issues with Basil stealing a meal off Ethel and Prudence but a dead cow in a field with F & M and Bluetooth still around has given us all a bad dose of the proverbial judders (or should that be udders?).

In line with Ministry requirements the vet was summoned out to establish the cause of death and to test for Anthrax!!! Well if foot and mouth and bluetongue (which by the way is referred to as Bluetooth round the girls!!) we now have the prospect of anthrax to contend with. Who would be a sheep??

Othello, who has just joined Henry and I as one of the ‘stud’ tupps (yes I am now officially a tupp), overheard the vet, on examining poor Mavis, say ‘what a healthy looking cow’. Now forgive me but there seems a certain irony in that statement.

Immediately ruling out foot and mouth and bluetongue, it was down to the anthrax test, which we will have to patiently wait for. Until then poor Mavis has to lie hooves skyward, stiff as board, in the field where she dropped. Trying to conceal a rather large cow with rigor mortis does give rise to an interesting challenge. Shame its not Christmas, we could have put the fairy lights up.

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