Gavin's Blog: Day 23

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Good news is that it turns out the F & M virus might have leaked out from a laboratory, which may mean it may not spread too far. Bad news is there is more Ďout to get us virusesí on the move, with Bluetongue found in the East of England. Itís on days like this I wonder whether Charlotte and the girls got the better deal. At least they didnít have to worry about what might be around the next corner trying to get me.

Henry says the wind blows from the west most of the time, so the chances of the nasty mites that bring the disease getting here are slim. Slim! That means there is still some chance. I will be watching the direction of that weather vane with interest from now on.

With all of this to worry about I have not been paying any attention to my entertainment committee back on the farm, which actually nearly came to another very abrupt end. Daft dog may not have cloven hooves but he sure has cloth ears. You would have thought he would learn where to lie down after the incident with the car but no. This time he had taken a snooze in a shady place which had recently been dug out. What he failed to appreciate was this to be the foundations for a new building. It doesnít take a genius to work out that when a concrete lorry starts to pour it is quite difficult to stop.

Needless to say he finally realised what all the shouting was about and managed to extract himself before become a self made statue.

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