Gavin's Blog: Day 3

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Met the resident sheep dog today. Well he is training for the job. The girls told me to play along as he is still young and hasnít qualified yet. I donít understand what all the fuss is about, if the farmer brings a bag of feed we are not daft enough not go after him, or we miss out. So why some dog feels the need to chase us I donít know. Apparently its tradition.

The dogís name is Loopy and I am beginning to see why. He kept me and the girls amused for ages trying to get a four foot stick through a three foot gap. And they say sheep are stupid!

Had some new arrivals today. One of the ewes in another field had twin lambs. Everyone was surprised as all the other lambs had been born two months ago. They have come to share our field as it is closer to the farmhouse and Mr Fox doesnít call so much. The ewe is called Gwen and is a very good mother making sure her lambs stay close by her all the time. She is very polite too as she asked me if it was OK to share my shed at night or when it rained. How could I refuse?

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Day 3

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