Gavin's Blog: Day 22

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Summer is passing quite quickly but there is now some anxiety as the dreaded words ‘Foot and Mouth’ have been uttered. Foot in mouth is what we associate with daft dog but this other phrase sends shivers down the spine of every cloven footed animal around. Apparently there is an outbreak in Surrey and whilst Henry reckoned that was miles away, even as the crow flies, I pointed out we have a lot of crows around here.

No sooner were the words mentioned and we were all moved to the fields furthest away from any road or footpath. Tubs of pink smelly liquid and big brushes were put by the gates and the main entrance was shut.

Henry said I should look worried but the rest of the sheep were a rare breed and had a better chance of escaping a cull. Even my celebrity status will not help me now; my genes are just not protected. Guess it’s a case of hoping no one notices I am a white faced sheep whilst the rest of my mates are black. I suppose I could stand in the shade or hope for rain and roll my face in the mud.

I have learnt a new phrase ‘biosecurity’ and as this may be what stands between me and an early chop ‘keep the pink liquid coming’ is what I say!

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