Gavin's Blog: Day 21

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Headline scandal or good gossip at worst. Henry came bounding up to me this morning as it seems our Daft Dog is not such a little innocent after all. Despite the fact that he underwent the same procedure as poor old Bertie bullock it seems that before the eventful day, he was courted by the young Jack Russell filly next door.
Now I understand Daft Dogs predicament here, when in Rome and its handed to you on a plate, what can a chap do?

The little Jack Russell was safely delivered of four pups. However, blame for the dastardly deed was placed firmly on the other Jack Russell, who has NOT endured the snip. Everyone had proceeded happily with the assumption that pups were the result of a Jack Russell union until vaccination day at the Vet.

Henry reckons he could hear the laughter from the vets as the pups were weighed in twice the weight for a JR and feet as big as your hat.

The only other candidate around here is a very fat Bassett Hound known as Giro (because if he was human he would get one) who has neither the equipment nor the energy.

So Collie cross it is then, which will come as somewhat of a surprise to the people that have already taken home a lap dog. Wonder which parent has the dominant genes??


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