Gavin's Blog: Day 20

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You always know when Daft Dog is it trouble because the piercing shrill of LOOOPEEEY precedes an Olympic paced collie making for the safety of the Farm Shop. At this point he sits head slightly cocked, big eyed and tapping his paw with a ‘who me gov?’ look about him. The master at dog eyed innocence, if he can’t find a pal to blame he resorts first to whimpering around the farmer’s leg and if that fails rolling on his back with a ‘tickle my tummy’ look in his eye. Needless to say he gets away with it every time.

It was a close call today though. Helped by the wind blowing in the right direction, I caught the sound of a dull thump, followed by breaking plates, followed by Daft Dog’s Linford Christie impression, followed by the piercing shrill of his name. Turns out he had just chewed through a table leg and despite the fact we live on a hill, gravity did the rest. Forgiveness took just a little longer this time and I am not sure his suggestion of a coffee table was quite appropriate at that particular moment.

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