Gavin's Blog: Day 19

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Ooh this lovely sunshine is still here, makes everyone feel very spring like. My girls are looking particularly stunning just lately. I canít begin to understand why I felt we didnít get along when I first arrived. Henry has been looking longingly at the field over the drive but knows he is not allowed there for a few more weeks but since our understanding and the fact that I am now heavier than Henry, he has stopped trying to chat up my girls.

There is a nice lady that comes to check on the last little ones and give then some milk if they still want it. She gives me a handful of nuts and a cuddle every day. She has this habit of bending down without using her knees and well the temptation was just too much today I just had to give her a friendly head butt. The resultant scream as she went flying went right through me and she gave me a real telling off afterwards. I used to think she was such a nice girl, where did she learn language like that?

Itís a pity I am now longer an A list celeb as the tabloids could have had a field day, with, ďRamsayís Rampant Ram rams RearĒÖ perhaps one day I will get an invite to celebrity Big Brother and re kindle my TV career. Henry says I should be grateful if the script had run its course I would be but a distant sausage, instead I have all this entertainment and my girls.

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