Gavin's Blog: Day 18

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Nearly lost our constant source of amusement today, as Daft Dog appeared to have a death wish. Well I know it has suddenly gone very warm and shade is at a premium but lying under car is bound to have its drawbacks. Most sensible cats and dogs, at the first sound of a car door, would do the clever thing and move, just in case the driver had not spotted them taking an afternoon nap. Not our daft dog he just carried on sleeping right through the lady from the farm shop loading her three energetic children and starting the car. He did however, wake up very quickly as the car ran over his foot. The problem was he jumped up so quickly he knocked himself out but fortunately not before he had let out the most piercing yelp in the history of collie dogs, sufficient to stop the lady and her moving car. Of course, she thought she had killed him. The result panic as daft dog was rushed to the vet was a sight to behold. There was serious wailing and self recrimination, much pacing and acute anxiety.

Daft dog came round quite quickly and before the pain of the sore foot hit him, he realised that much attention was being launched in his direction. He did have a very dramatic tyre mark up his now swollen paw, but aside of that no real damage. He knew that, but it took a very large vetís bill to confirm the diagnosis. Not so daft dog found this was a great way of getting cuddles and treats, so once back to a rapturous welcome he found that limping and looking pathetic aided by a whimper was guaranteed to get him a biscuit. The giveaway was him running around as normal with his pals, only to enter stage left limping as soon as he spotted anyone on two legs.

Must admit, even Henry and I were glad to see him back the place just wouldnít be the same without him.

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