Gavin's Blog: Day 17

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Ouch! Very unpleasant viewing today in the next field. Poor old Bertie the bullock has lost a couple of things very dear to him. It turns out he isnít quite as pedigree as was first thought, so that has determined his destiny. Nice lady vet turns up and oh, brings tears to the eyes, one minute he had two, the next none, I think they called it castration. It brought Henry and I closer together though, counting our chickens, well rather more personal things actually!

Our head banging sessions are over and we appear to have come to a grown up understanding. Henry leaves my girls alone and he sees to the luvvelies in the next field. I still feel a bit lopsided but at least my head has stopped hurting now.

My digger driver friend has not been around for a few days but apparently he has been at it again. It seems that his propensity for demolition has continued. A friend of his had parked up his brand new pick up directly behind our digger driver (complete with digger). This seemed sensible at the time, as the digger was moving forward, well it was to start with. It seems that the pick up man went round to speak to our digger driver, who then, for some inexplicable reason decided backwards was the direction he should go. Yes, you guessed it, one demolished pick up. At this point you would expect some fairly strong language from the ex pick up owner but no. He apologised for parking it there!! What is it about the Irish?

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