Gavin's Blog: Day 16

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Yippee Summer is here and what a difference it makes. There was everyone walking around glum trying their best to keep out of the rain and now there is frantic activity all round.

Most importantly of all my food for winter is being made. After all the rain we were all worried that there would be no hay for winter but the sun is now shining and hay making is in full swing.

I am having a bit of trouble with Henry. I thought he was my mate but since the sun came out he has starting flirting with all my girls. Well that just wasnít on. I ask you, who was it that made sure they were all cuddled up in my hut. Yes thatís MY hut NOT Henryís hut. Well, I was having none of it, Henry may be a year older than me but I have big sheep genes on my side, so I had to do what rams have to do and give him a good head butt! Now I am not saying that I came out of this little disagreement completely unscathed, as one of my horns seems to have dropped off, but you should see the dent in Henry.

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