Gavin's Blog: Day 15

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Well what a couple of days! Everywhere is just soaked. The water levels have started to go down but it is still pretty miserable. I feel sorry for Basil and the calves; they have hardly seen sunshine since they were born, same too for the littlies. Henry and I decided to hang around the hut today just in case it started to rain again. The one bright spot in the day was Daft Dog. He just loves the water and has rounded up a Black Labrador, who is a trainee guide dog, plus a Golden Retriever and a little Jack Russell. They have spent the whole day playing chase through the floods. Most of the time the Jack Russell had to swim, but all four were wet through. Bet they are in the dog house when they shake that lot off. Daft Dog is the clear ring leader but the JR has the irritating bark when he does not get attention. This clearly got on Daft Dogís nerves, as well as the rest of us, as he finally had enough and nipped the JR producing a piecing yelp. Did the trick though. Itís much quieter now.

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