Gavin's Blog: Day 14

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What was I saying about sunny weather? It has been raining like I have never seen rain before. I rounded up all the littlies (thatís the newly weaned lambs) and herded them into my hut, well there is no point catching your death of cold in that. The piggies in the field had to be moved inside, as the water levels rose so much their fields flooded and even went into their arks. Apparently that had never happened before. The usual moat around the house started to look more like a lake. At the bottom of my field I could hear sirens and see lots of flashing lights, Henry went down for a look and it turns out the road was now a fast moving river and had to be closed leaving people stranded. Some took refuge on the farm, others just walked and left their cars. We stayed in the hut and hoped it would just stop raining.

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