Gavin's Blog: Day 13

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Sunny all day today, lots of new friends have moved into my field as the lambs have now all been weaned and left their mothers. Henry, one of the rams from the adjoining field has come over to my side as he says he has to have his genes tested so he can work. Henry has been chatting up all my girls but since my horns have been showing through they wont leave me alone, so no competition. Henry says he will be moving on in the autumn with a couple of other rams. In the meantime it is nice to have another bloke to talk to.

Lots of visitors today and as expected they wanted to see Basil. The braver ones went into the field to take a photograph but Mavis was having none of it. Half a tonne of protective mother is enough to make anyone run, pity about slipping on that cow pat. Still they were warned.


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