Gavin's Blog: Day 2

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Back to normal, breakfast came. I had been chatting to my new girls, who it seems are a quite rare welsh sheep. Apparently about 200 ewes live here plus lambs like me. The girls keep teasing me as I have found some mates in the next door field that are rams. They are much more fun to talk to and donít giggle like these girls. The girls reckon I must be gay. I told them I am a happy chap as I am not sure what they meant by gay but that made them giggle even more.

My two travelling companions were out to play today. They go in the barn at night as they get a bottle of milk. Apparently their mom couldnít feed them so they get a special bottle of milk twice a day. There were a few more with them so I had lots of play mates during the day but the four girls at night.

My shed that Gordon built for me is in the field so no chance of being home sick. I still miss Charlotte a bit but she wouldnít listen when I told her not to be slow and to stick with her mom and me. My new girls say there are loads of cats living here. I hope there are no big ones.

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Day 2

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