Gavin's Blog: Day 11

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As my field is situated between all the farm buildings I have a great vantage point and can watch the wonders of human behaviour.

The digger driver turns out to be somewhat of a legend around these parts. After the little matter of his runaway truck it would seem that his propensity for accidental damage is unique. This can be substantiated quite succinctly by an unsuspecting villager trying to make a phone call in one of the few remaining ‘red phone boxes’. It would seem that our legendary driver was digging a hole in close proximity to said telephone box but in a momentary lapse of concentration, swung the bucket round the wrong way knocking the box, complete with man on phone, to the ground. I expect this came as a surprise to the man, otherwise unhurt, but not half as much of a surprise, when he found that the box had landed on the door and he had to phone the fire brigade to cut him free. Perhaps that explains the popularity of mobile phones.

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