Gavin's Blog: Day 10

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No rain for two days. Mustnít get complacent though as the next field cows assure me itís on the way back and they are keeping their bit of grass dry by sitting around as long as they can.

They say that the English are a nation of animal lovers but I think the Irish are in the same league. Rhubarb, a resident pig, was out for a stroll with her brood of piglets this morning, enjoying the early sunshine. This is a regular outing for her and she wanders back to her stable once its time for a nap.

Our resident JCB driver was clearly not aware of Rhubarbís daily routine and must have felt an overwhelming need to shut the gate to save her wandering onto the road
(not as she would go that far from food). The problem was the gate is on the top of a very steep hill and leaving a pick up truck with the engine running and no brake on is not the most sensible thing to do.

I shall retain the image of man chasing truck with both disappearing down the hill until the sound of squealing tyres and carnage as the truck reached the main road for a long time to come. Fortunately no one was hurt but the truck looks strangely attractive with half a tree through its bonnet.

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