Gavin's Blog: Day 9

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Well, it was back looking at the sky this morning as I was turned upside down again, this time to have my feet trimmed. The girls explained that this is a regular ritual that I can look forward to, designed to prevent me from getting foot rot. No one ever told me about all of this stuff when I was a film star, still I must look my best just in case the cameras return.

Talking of cameras a man turned up today with a very big one. Obviously I thought he had come to see me, but no. He had come to photograph bits of meat for some promotion the British Pig Association are doing. So there he was precariously draped over a set of garden steps taking pictures of joints of meat lying on a butchers table. Unfortunately he took his eyes of one particular bit for a split second too long and not so daft dog advanced swiftly and successfully only to be seen disappearing up the farm track with several mates in tow. Good job the man had done with that bit.

The learning process with daft dog appears to be working. He no longer dives head first into stable doors but has developed an interesting braking system, which may be reasonably effective if we hadnít had so much rain that it is slippery under foot. The little pirouette that results immediately prior to the rear end skid into the closed stable door is very artistic.

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