Gavin's Blog: Day 8

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Itís a good thing that my field backs up to the farmyard between the houses, as now that my TV stardom has ended, the daily routine of eating and sleeping could have its limitations. Fortunately, there is sufficient entertainment to keep me amused and take my mind off this dreadful weather.
Watching Daft Dog is my favourite pastime. He has boundless energy matched only by his incredible lack of common sense. Too many bangs on the head, I feel. His latest exercise regime involves chasing Swallows. He hasnít quite worked out that when the Swallows swoop and glide to catch food to feed their young, they will soon fly back to their nest to feed said young. As their nests are in the rafters of the stables, there is a strong probability that the Swallows will actually fly inside. The problem for Daft Dog is that the Swallows fly through the open window, whereas continuing his pursuit, inevitably means he comes to another very abrupt halt as he collides with a closed stable door. I am not quite sure what the optimum number of bumps on the head is until he works this out but I am running a book.

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