Gavin's Blog: Day 7

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Relief all round, everyone is modelling a shade of pink. Turns out that this is to stop fly strike, which is a very unpleasant occurrence. The warm damp weather has encouraged lots of flies and it seems that they are all looking for a cosy fleece to lay their eggs in. If that wasnít bad enough, once the eggs hatch, it seems they use what is under the fleece e.g. me as their dinner!!! Given this information, pink is now my favourite colour.

Had a bit of a tragedy today, one of the cats that live in the house died. The children insisted on a proper burial, which was a bit of a challenge in itself, as it hasnít stopped raining for weeks, so as quickly as a hole was dug, it filled with water. To save the poor expired creature getting wet, they thoughtfully placed it in a plastic ice cream container.

The service was very moving. The smallest child, who is about the same age as my youngest friend in London, wanted to sing Silent Night but the general consensus was that July was probably not the right month for that. She then did a very nice song about a brand new combine harvester, which the rest of the mourners said was a little bit jolly, so they settled on All Creatures Great and Small.

Personally, I liked the combine harvester best.

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