Gavin's Blog: Day 6

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Had a bit of a surprise this morning. Went over for breakfast as usual but as quickly as you could say Ďmy nuts or yours?í, I found myself upside down having my bottom shaved. Worse followed, as the fleece on the underside of my tail and dangly bits was removed. To add insult to injury I then had a needle in by bum and was sprayed with pink stuff.

I hasten to add I wasnít singled out for this indignity but as I am the only boy in the field there are more sensitive bits involved. The girls explained that this was all good for me. The injection was to prevent worms, which I am all for because that leaves me with more to eat and sharing food is not my strong point. But the pink stuff! Why pink? Looks fine on those girls, who by the way I find more irritating by the day, but I am a tough ram lamb and we just donít do pink. I donít like the name wus either, which the girls have taken to calling me.

I am off to talk to my mates in the other field, assuming they can stand the pink glare of course.

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