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Well it’s been a bit of an eventful day, started badly with no breakfast, then me and the girls were back on the trailer, with something someone called ‘a one-way ticket’. I assumed that meant that we are off to pastures new and leaving our London ‘ewe-topia’ behind for good.

First stop the girls got off. I was told not to put one step off the trailer or it would be curtains, which I found surprising as there were no curtains on the trailer.

After a while I was joined by two new girls, younger than me but very cute. Also, the best bit I was given loads of hay and water, which was just as well as I was still missing my breakfast. Not long afterwards the cuties said we were back home, which I guessed was their home.

The view in this new place was great, which made up for the weather, which was damp but there was grass in every direction. I was welcomed by four older girls who looked a bit like mom but with black faces. Still no time to get to know them, I had a field to eat.

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Day 1

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