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Berkshire Pork
At Glebe Farm we operate under the brand ' Matilda Pig Traditional Rare Breed Meat'. This is in memory of Matilda pig who is responsible for everything we have today.

Matilda Pig Traditional Pork is all our own produce and from our own herd of Pedigree Berkshire Pigs. We can tell you the family history of all our pork for up to six generations, so you can have confidence that when we talk about traceability, we mean it! As we have one of the largest Pedigree Berkshire herds in the UK, we can also ensure that we will have the meat available, when you want it.

We take pride in the welfare of our animals. You can see the pigs in the fields in their family groups, so if you are worried about how the animals are looked after, we are happy to show you. We are RSPCA Freedom Food Accredited.

None of our fields are sprayed with chemicals or unnatural fertilisers. The animals are not fed growth promoters or antibiotics and the meat is just that, no additives, preservatives or flavourings.

We home make a range of sausages, with all seasoning made up from the basic herbs and spicies. No pre-mixes are used at all. We dry cure our own bacon, gammon and ham.

This is pork, bacon and sausage, the ‘old-fashioned’ way, and as a traditional rare breed pig, the meat is tasty and succulent. If you want a joint, a pig for the freezer or just some sausages we can help, so get crackling and click for an order form.

Rare Breed Lamb
We have a flock of 300 Llanwenog ewes. This rare breed has its origins in mid Wales and is a hardy sheep that can cope well in exposed areas. The ewes are good mothers, with many rearing twins and triplets. Even the rams are kind natured.

Whilst smaller in size than an average commercial sheep, the Llanwenog produces good quality, tasty, lean meat. Like many rare breeds, it can take a little longer than commercial sheep to mature, but the result in the taste is well worth it.

All our lamb is home bred. We care about animal welfare, so for both the pork and the lamb, we use a small, local abattoir, that only takes small numbers of animals, thus stress is minimised all round.

The newly born lambs can be seen skipping round the fields in April. The majority of our flock lamb late March and April, so that both ewes and lambs can enjoy the spring grass and spring sunshine.

If you would like just a few chops or a whole lamb for the freezer, click for an order form.


We have a small herd of Hereford Catle. Hereford Beef is extremely tasty and succulent. Herefords are hardy creatures and can cope outside in most conditions. They have a gentle nature and a slow majestic pace around the fields. Come and see Basil our home bred Bull with his cows. he is a handsome chap and very good natured.

Barbeque Time
At Glebe Farm, we offer a range of kebabs, burgers and ribs, all with home made seasoning and sauces. So for a sizzling good time click for an order form.

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Quality Meats from Glebe Farm

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