Smallholder Days: Outline Programme

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Topics Covered on the Day

Getting started:

What Breed should I buy?
Where should I buy from?
What equipment will I need?
What are the legal requirements in keeping livestock?


What should I feed and when?
How much water will they need?
Is just grass enough?
Can I feed scaps?
How do I know if the animals are getting too much or too little food?


What type of shelter will they need?
What bedding should I use?
How often do I need to muck out?
Can they stay outside all year round?

Health and Welfare:

How do I know if they are sick?
When should I call a vet?
Can I keep medicine and treat them myself?
What worming programme should I use?
What are the most common illnesses to look out for?
What is a Veterinary Health Plan?


Natural Service or AI?
How do I know when they will give birth?
Do I need to assist?
What are the most common complications?
How do I know if the piglets/calves/lambs are feeding?
How and when should I wean?
What do I do with the piglets/calves/lambs?

DEFRA Rules and Regulations:

Who and when do I speak to before I start?
What do I need before I buy?
What forms do I have to understand?
What are the rules about moving animals?
What records must I keep?
What is Bio-Security and why is it important?

Costs and Opportunities:

What will all this cost me?
Can I eat my own produce?
Can I sell my meat?
What are the Food Standards and Hygiene Requirements?
Can I make money?

Basic Butchery:

How do I cut up a carcass?
How do I bone and roll?
How do I make sausages?
How do I cure bacon?


Smallholder Days: Outline Programme

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