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Had enough of the rat race? Want to retreat to the country and try your hand at ‘the good life’? Or simply just love animals and want to know more? Is keeping and breeding traditional livestock an ideal, a dream or just hard work?

At Glebe Farm we will help you learn what you need to do to keep Pigs, Sheep or Cattle.

In addition because we control the whole 'process' from Conception to Consumption, we offer courses for basic butchery including making sausage and bacon, as well as retailing options.

We provide ONE or Half Day courses for all the family to come and find out just what is involved. We will help you decide how to choose the best type of breed that will suit you and show you what steps you should take to keep the animals happy, healthy and well cared for.

At Glebe Farm we are committed to high standards of animal welfare, we believe in creating as stress free and natural environment as we can.

Our animals are kept for both breeding and producing top quality meat. Knowing what you are eating, today, is not as easy as it seems and we will help you understand why traceability of food matters.

Courses dates vary so call 01926 651440 or e-mail. We can design programmes just to suit you and your specific interests.

Lunch and refreshments are provided, throughout the day and it doesn’t matter if it rains, we just bring everything inside the big barn. All you need is wellies and a smile.

There is ample parking, so all you need to do is book and get your wellies!!

Throughout the day we will help you talk through with you everything from deciding what animal to choose to how to understand the DEFRA regulations.

We will do this with the animals so you can see theory and practice at work. We balance our ‘hands on’ opportunities with safety, both for you and the animals! At lambing time you (usually late March to end April) there will be opportunity to help with any bottle feeding.

We are a full time working rare breed farm dedicated to the conservation of Berkshire pigs. It is completely self funded.

It started out ten years ago as, almost a pile of bricks, a burnt down barn and sixty acres of land. In residence was an old Berkshire sow, Matilda, that we couldn’t bear to send for sausages!!

We now have the largest registered pedigree herd of Berkshire pigs in the UK and all because we didn’t want Matilda to feel lonely!!

We have over 500 rare breed sheep and, so far, just a few Hereford cattle. Not to mention the horses and chickens. All in the now expanded 110 acres.

We have learnt the majority of what we know the hard way so we can relate to all of your dreams and understand why you love animals.

So even if you don’t want to keep animals yourself, but would like to understand more about them and the countryside, you will find the day fun and go away knowing more about what you eat.

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Smallholder Days at Glebe Farm

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At Pigs Wallow we'll help you learn what you need to do if you're interested in keeping Pigs, Sheep or Cattle.

We can tell you the family history of our pork. When we talk about traceability, we mean it!

If you need to find quality breeding stock, we can offer Berkshires of prize-winning heritage.